Organisational Procedures

Seamless Capabilities

We specialise in completing major projects for forward thinking clients, from building a humble hard working warehouse through to large-scale structures. We pride ourselves on "Building Customers for Life".

Client experience

The key to our success is to provide a seamless experience for our clients from commencement of project to delivery and beyond. We have established a proven approach to resolving our client’s specific needs, within budget and time constraints. Our method is based on effective project management that includes clear communication and regular on-site project control meetings with the client to ensure a cohesive implementation.

Quality Control

The successful implementation of any project requires the integration of quality systems, technical expertise, strong teamwork and effective project management skills.

Our ISO 9001:2015 accredited Quality Assurance System guides the organisation in the establishment and implementation of quality controls to continually improve the effectiveness of the delivery and management of all Vaughan Constructions projects.

By documenting and measuring our quality objectives and targets through internal review and external audits Vaughan Constructions can ensure services are delivered in accordance with regulatory compliance and the specifications and requirements of our customers.

Our focus remains squarely on embedding the right policies, processes and behaviours to ensure Vaughan Constructions continue to Build Customers for Life.

Industrial Relations

Since 1955, Vaughan Constructions has established a long, unbeaten track record of successful industrial relations management attributed by the implementation of a stringent industrial relations policy in compliance with the current award conditions and industrial agreements.

Having a well-trained, engaged and prequalified workforce is the key to industrial harmony. Our projects are set up, administered and executed in accordance with our industrial agreements and statutory requirements. Vaughans provide conditions and amenity to a standard that reflects our value and care for our workforce. This and our commitment to providing a safe workplace ensures that a productive environment is created and mitigates distraction and disruption.

Prior to letting any sub-contract, all relevant details in regard to insurance, workers compensation, superannuation and redundancy schemes are checked for currency and financial position. Our safe, productive and efficient projects give satisfaction to all contributors and delivers reliable programming and quality for our clients.