Diageo Highbay


Vaughan Constructions constructed a 32 metre high, fully-automated highbay facility for Diageo Australia. The distribution and warehousing facility, located in Huntingwood NSW consolidated two Sydney facilities into one. 

The six-aisle, double-deep, storage system provides capacity to store 26,000 pallets of Diageo’s products, more than doubling the facility’s previous capacity of 10,000 pallets. 

Diageo will have the capacity to handle its entire national distribution from the 5,100m2 highbay warehouse.

There will be enough capacity to hold 24,000 bottles of the famous Smirnoff Vodka.


Diageo is one of the first companies to embark on a highbay of this level of specialised automation. The facility has 24/7 robotic collection and capacity for storage in the dark. As a result, light and manhandling is not required, subsequently decreasing operating costs for Diageo. 

Vaughan Constructions demolished an existing 3,200m2, 24 metre tall highbay warehouse that existed on the site, including internal racking and cranes.

Vaughan replaced this with a highly specialised  32 metre high, automated, 5,000m2 highbay warehouse.

A new dispatch office, driver staff amenities and alterations to existing roller/rapid doors and installation of new roller/rapid doors were included in the development of Diageo’s new distribution and warehousing facility.

Vaughan also carried out building works and upgrade to the existing warehouse.


I can't express enough how impressed I have been to have a contractor like Vaughan and its staff as part of this project.

- Jarrod Daley | National Logistics Manager

Diageo Australia

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