Smith's Snackfood Company, PepsiCo Highbay


PepsiCo’s Australian snack division, The Smith’s Snackfood Company appointed Vaughan Constructions to deliver a fully automated 32m highbay warehouse located in Regency Park, South Australia.

The facility is located adjacent to Smith’s current manufacturing site in Regency Park. 

Due to land restrictions and the client’s need for large volume of storage, Vaughan selected a highbay solution combined with a lowbay warehouse and office areas for the facility.

The highbay warehouse alone has allowed Smith’s to store 6,300,000 packets of Smith’s chips. 


Vaughan strategically planned the delivery of the facility to ensure that Smiths could remain fully operational throughout the entire construction phase.

With PepsiCo Trading in 200+ countries worldwide, the requirement for top tier technology and warehouse innovation was essential in the development of the new warehousing facility.

At the time of completion, Smith’s was one of the first companies in Australia to embark on a high bay with this level of specialised automation. The facility is equipped with 24/7 robotic collection and storage capacity in the dark.  


Facility Space