Argyle Penthouses


These whole-of-floor residences offer astonishing views over the grand trees and manicured lawns of Argyle Square, and out towards the lights of the city in the skyline. 

A premier location in the heart of Carlton and only moments from the top end of Melbourne’s Central Business District means that a rich, rewarding and character filled lifestyle is located right here and only moments from our front door.


Argyle expertly blends high-quality interior finishes with a modern approach to interior design to create residences of absolute luxury and sophistication. 

Residents of Argyle enjoy private, secure living spaces while also having the opportunity to enjoy the full experience of grand unhindered views of the neighbouring parkland and city skyline. 

The Argyle Penthouses are located next to Bravo Apartments on Pelham Street, which was also developed by Vaughan Constructions. 


Completed Project

Facility Space