Fresh Freight


The privately-owned Tasmanian refrigerated transport company required a new distribution centre to facilitate growth and allow for future expansion of Fresh Freight. 

The distribution centre includes a 4,200m2 warehouse, 2,600m2 freezer and chiller space, 653m2 office, 568m2 plantroom and 375m2 workshop. The site also includes 15,000m2 of heavy duty concrete pavements.

With vehicle movements in excess of 200 per day, the new facility intended to make business operations more efficient by providing ample space to hold and transport fresh product and aquaculture.


Vaughan Constructions feezer and cold storage experience resulted in a value management process which highlighted a million dollars in savings whilst improving the design outcomes. 

The facility was delivered by Vaughan 4 weeks ahead of the contract schedule. 


The building is impressive, with the improved design work created by Vaughan, additional space was supplied which will hold us in good stead for future needs. Fresh Freight and its customer expectations have been achieved.

- Dean Hart | General Manager

Fresh Freight

Facility Space