LOGOS Group Prestons Logistics Estate facility


On behalf of LOGOS Group, Vaughan Constructions delivered a new 40,000m² facility located at the LOGOS Prestons Logistics Estate in south west Sydney. The structure houses two tenancies, each with their own two-level office and warehouse. 


Tenancy 1 is an 18 metre high 25,000m² warehouse with a further 2,300m² of corporate office area and it is home to FMCG business, The Gateway Group.

It has capacity for approximately 46,000 pallets, with racking installed to the tenant’s specifications.

For delivery operations there is six roller shutter doors and four recessed loading dock rollers covered by 1,000m² of canopy.

The second tenancy consists of 11,600m² of warehousing and 500m² of corporate office area. It also comprises five roller shutter doors, two loading docks and 420m² of canopy.


Completed Project

Construction Timelapse


Facility Space