Oxford Cold Storage


Since 1994, Vaughan and Oxford have worked together and successfully developed several cold storage facilities.

Vaughan’s ability to provide cost effective solutions, market leading knowledge in freezer design and project delivery within tight time frames has been fundamental to the development of a strong relationship between Oxford and Vaughan. 

When designing freezer facilities, Vaughan’s emphasis is on maximising pallet space and reducing operational costs.

The extensive experience in this highly specialised industrial sector, has made Vaughan one of the leading freezer builders in the country.

Freezer 7 1,296m2
Freezer 8  1,363m2
Freezer 10 4,826m2
Freezer 11 (A,B,C,D Ext)   34,290m2
Freezer 11 E 9,000m2
Freezer 11 Dock Ext 1,500m2
Freezer 13 10,000m2
Freezer 15 5,701m2
Freezer 16  11,619m2
TOTAL  79,595m2


Oxford continues to set international benchmarks for excellence in temperature controlled warehousing, energy efficiency and water saving.

With focus placed on detail and quality of workmanship, Vaughan intend for these facilities to serve the business for decades to come. 


Vaughan Constructions have been our preferred builder since 1994, and have been our partners in erecting 88,000sqm of cold storage buildings over the past 19 years.

- Gabor Hilton | Engineering Manager

Oxford Logistics Group

Facility Space