Pepsico / Sakata Rice Snacks


Sakata Rice Snacks Australia Pty Ltd, an operating division of PepsiCo Australia and New Zealand appointed Vaughan Constructions to design and construct their Laverton North warehouse and office facility in 1995.

Vaughan worked closely with Sakata to develop a design and building systems that adhere to Australian and international export standards. 

Since 1995, Vaughan Constructions has continued to service Sakata and the wider PepsiCo team to facilitate extensions to the warehouse and office areas.


The latest work at the Laverton North site included a 570m2 extension to the main office, 574m2 of existing office refurbishment, 2,280m2 warehouse extension, 256m2 new warehouse office and 4,064m2 of loading yard, canopies and recessed docks. The total building area of the site is now over 35,000m2.

The continuous work on the Sakata facility, has been staged over multiple years to ensure no interruption to the company’s production. This has allowed Sakata risk free growth and expansion for both traditional and wholegrain rice consumables. 

By drawing on the latest technology as well as Vaughan's intimate knowledge of the building industry, Vaughan have succeeded in constructing our impressive new plant.

- Shoroko Sat | Managing Director (Former)

Sakata Rice Snacks Australia Pty. Ltd.

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