Regional Kitchen


The facility, delivered by Vaughan Constructions houses the food production, staff training facilities and administrative offices of Regional Kitchen, also known as Community Chef.

This project has replaced the outdated kitchens that have been preparing Meals on Wheels.

Vaughan is proud to have been involved in the Design and Construct of this fully functioning facility providing an optimised Meals on Wheels Service, providing delicious and nutritious meals for the elderly and disabled individuals in Melbourne. 


Following an extensive planning phase with E Water Systems, Regional Kitchens selected a fully integrated ROX Water system, which was one of the largest applications of its kind on project completion.

Regional Kitchens stated, “cleaning is easier and quicker, and chemical use is reduced by the use of e-water.”

This is a result of the 5000L tanks distributing ROX Cleaning and Sanitising waters for hand wash, work surfaces, benches and floor cleaning. 

The facility achieved recognition by winning the 2011 MBA Excellence in Construction Award for Commercial Buildings $7.5m to $10m.


Thank-you Vaughan Constructions. As all of us appreciate, reputation is everything and word spreads very fast. Vaughan have done us proud on this project. We have enjoyed working with a company aiming for the same outcomes and high standards. Thanks personally to those directly involved and the senior management that have supported their efforts.

- Hayden Raysmith | CEO

Community Chef

Facility Space