The manufacturing facility for bedding company, Sealy has a range of intricate design features  including walnut trims, parquetry flooring, imported wall papers, fittings and furniture.

Blue stone entry stars, LED car park lighting, gas strip heaters and ceiling fans for the comfort of Sealy’s employees are notable features of this Vaughan Constructions development.

Warehouse 8,500m2
Office 1,000m2
TOTAL 9,500m2
Canopies 500m2 
Pavements 10,000m2


The Sealy facility demonstrates Vaughan’s high quality workmanship from multiple trades and exceptional detail throughout. 

Whilst this is an industrial facility, care has been taken with the showroom finishes to create a domestic atmosphere to showcase Sealy’s products. 

An alucabond wall resembling a bed head was installed on the facade and stepped roofing was chosen to allow for an abudance of natural light, making this a greater sustainable facility.


Facility Space