Woolworths Meat Facility


Woolworths in partnership with European based food distribution company Hilton Food Group engaged Vaughan Constructions to build Woolworths’ primary meat and distribution facility for Victoria. 

The facility is regarded as a benchmark globally and the reference point to similar facilities planned across the country.

The project includes a 6,200m2 production and processing area, 9,510m2  warehouse/storage area, 6,800m2 mezzanine storage/technical department and 2300m2 office/ hygiene area.


The robotic and conveyor system is at the core of the building’s design.  Meat is transported from the production area to the warehouse via a series of conveyors before being sorted and  stacked by robots ready for dispatch.

The refrigeration system utilises a centralised ammonia refrigeration plant and services the refrigerated areas via secondary glycol refrigerant. In addition a roof mounted C02 system controls a -25 degree storage freezer.

The entire building is controlled or monitored by a complex system called “SCADA” which provides control of remote equipment and monitors operation 24 hours a day. 


Facility Space